About Paraiso de Dongane

Paraiso de Dongane. Paraiso, the Portuguese word for Paradise, describes exactly that.

A Paradise.

This coastal resort is situated about 50km south from Inhambane just off the EN1, after the turn off from the main road, the 20 km gravel road meanders through local communities and farm land until you arrive on top of the hill with breath-taking views of large inland lakes and the ocean on the other side of the dune. Only accessible by 4X4 and it’s off the beaten track, this tranquil area has exceptional bird life which flourish between several beautiful fresh water inland lakes and kilometres of untouched beaches. It gives you access to the unspoilt natural forest and bush landscape of the remote Mozambican coastline. The resort is nestled in a secluded area with amazing views from the typical Mozambican styled units.

Dongane offers a range of remote beaches that offer shallow pools, snorkelling and surfing spots, perfect for puddle jumping, pool floating, swimming and even waves that kick your hair right back. Only a sandy walk away, one can surely enjoy the early morning sunrises over the ocean or sunsets at the lakeside with minimal effort. Be sure to pick up fresh locally made bread in the Ligogo town as well as many of the local beers. Fresh fish, crayfish and other seafood can be bought daily from the locals at bargaining prices.

The friendly local people are proud to show off their traditional textiles, dishes and artistic abilities with paintings, woodcarvings and other unique souvenirs. Our Paraiso. Our Paradise. Your paradise. These unique experiences and treasured memories will leave you feeling relaxed, revitalized and simply hungry for more.

Let the sea set you free!!