Visitors information

1.Rules and regulations

Arrival and departure Please sign in at reception and leave a copy of your passport with the person on duty. Please sign out on the day of departure.

Electricity Each Unit is self-sufficient as there is no common electricity in the resort. Your own generator may be used at the house. Operational times are strictly between 07h00 and 21h00. Kindly adhere to these times and be considerate to the rest of the people in the resort

Noise levels No loud music, hooting or any disturbances will be tolerated in and around the houses, registered guest(s) are responsible for all persons in their house.

Refuse removal Please dispose of any refuse at the refuse dump site.There is a trailer parked at the bottom of the resort (opposite unit 1) which may be used to transport the refuse bags. It is illegal to dump any refuse elsewhere. Please ask the resort management to direct you to the refuse dump site.

Occupation The number of people must not exceed the number of beds per house.

Water consumption   Please conserve water, and kindly report leaking taps and burst pipes to the resort management immediately. The water is safe for human consumption.

Safety & Security For your safety and security, kindly ensure that doors/ windows are locked during the day when you leave your unit. Please keep valuables out of sight and preferably locked away. There are guards patrolling the resort at night.

Parking Cars and trailers should be parked in the allocated parking area. Extra vehicles may make use of the marked communal parking bay. Please respect the neighbours, do not park on other units parking bays and do not obstruct the access to other units for vehicles.

Pets Strictly NO pets are allowed on the Resort

Roads The speed limit in the Resort is 20 km/ph. Please adhere to this limit for your safety and that of other guests and staff. Please deflate your tires between 0.8 to 1.0 bar. No motor bikes are allowed on the premises without prior consent from resort Management. Quad bikes are permitted as a mode of transport from the unit to the beach, and are not permitted to drive off the demarcated roads.

Access to beach It is illegal to drive your vehicle on any beach in this country. If you are caught driving on the beach, you might be fined an amount of R2,500 by maritime officials. Should you decide to drive on the beach, you are doing it entirely at your own risk.

Removal of natural habitat  Guests are not allowed to remove and/or disturb any trees, wood, plants, birds, natural resources, animals or any other property that belonging to Paraiso de Dongane and associated companies.

Smoking Houses are smoke free, (unless with prior arrangement and consent with the respective home owner), this includes all forms of smoking and for safety reasons, this policy is not intended to stop people from smoking, but to regulate where they smoke and how it affects others.

Fires Braai’s are allowed in designated areas only. No open flames are allowed inside the houses and only charcoal is allowed. Kindly do not braai when a strong wind is blowing. Should you detect a fire in and around the resort, please call the resort no’s.

Staff  Do not employ any person without the approval of the resort. Should there be any dispute of any matter with our local population kindly advise the resort management, before you take your own action. Our locals are very friendly people and a simple misunderstanding can become a major problem, that could have been avoided.

Right of admission   Right of Admission to the Resort is reserved. It is agreed that any guest entering the resort will conduct himself/herself in a respectable manner and will not cause any nuisance, damage or annoyance during their stay on the property.

Disclaimer Any guest or visitor entering this Resort does so at his / her own risk, and on entry accepts the above-mentioned terms, rules & regulations and have to abide by the Resort rules.

  1. Directions

At the border: The border is open daily from 6am till 10pm. During holidays they are sometimes open for 24hours. Please phone the Lebombo Border to confirm. Contact number: 013-793 7311.

What you need at the border: Valid Passport, vehicle & trailer registration papers, insurance letters and if a vehicle is under finance, the Finance house approval to take the vehicle across the border. 

Extra expenses at border: No passport entrance fee for SA citizens, but third-party insurance is payable.

Toll Gates: There are 2 toll gates between the border and Maputo, please have Meticas or South African rands available.

  1. Roads

Pafuri: The border is open at Pafuri, but only accessible to 4×4 outdoor Adventurers. Drive through the Limpopo River No bridge – Not recommended during rainfall season. Can’t tow a boat – need to be at least 2 vehicles.

Kruger park – Giriyondo: Border open to Chibuto, Xai Xai. Please take note to access the Transfronteer Park in Mozambique, Park fees are applicable and you will require cash.

Recommended road: 33 km north of Inharrime, at the District Jangamo boundary sign you will see the turn off to the right with several resort signs. Turn right onto dirt road, you will travel roughly 20km, follow the road and keep to the right until you arrive at the reception gate. Deflate your tires to between 0,8bar and 1bar – road not accessible for cars, only 4×4 vehicles and 2×4 LDV’s preferably accompanied by 4×4’s.

Petrol/Diesel: Available in all major towns. Fill up in Komatipoort before you cross the border, in Xai-Xai there are several fuel stations & Inharrime there is a fuel station on your way out of the little town. Petrol & Diesel is also available in Inhambane.

GPS Coordinates: S24 º16’973”  E35º22’886”