Community projects

From the main tar road, you turn off onto a gravel road and drive through various small rural villages, schools and communities, about 5km from the resort, you drive through Xuxululo village, the citizens and community benefits through employment, local trade and other business enterprises from the revenue generated through Paraiso de Dongane resort operations. In arrangement with the chief of Xulululo, district authorities and the department of education, our Home Owners Association provided 50 school desks to the school at Xulululo as part of our upliftment programme.

The local community relies heavily on natural resources, fishing being one valuable resource. It is about survival, and for decades the ocean has been a major natural food provider to the local people. From catching fish and crayfish to harvesting mussels and other sea creatures just to stay alive but due to a lack of education there is a concern for the sustainability of natural resources and in particular responsible fishing methods.

Paraiso de Dongane Home Owners Association has the ambition to embark on an ongoing education programme of the local community in protecting the natural resources, this wonderful stretch of unspoilt coastline needs a little bit of TLC to remain in this condition. We plan to arrange specific activities to raise awareness amongst the locals.

From time to time after a severe weather storm, litter washes on the beach and then a beach clean-up is required, especially plastic which is not bio degradable. We plan to involve the chief of Xuxululo village, Marine officials and the local community by having a fun day on the beach and at the end, issue T-shirts to all participants with a message printed to spread the importance of protecting the coastline and importance of sustainability.